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Accurate product identification and data acquisition is crucial in all industries. Barcode labels and RFID tags are used to collect, store, and organize data for many different jobs such as retail, shipping, health care, and even rugged product lines. Whether labels or tags, it is important to find the right media that meets the requirements of your application. When deciding on what you need, it is important to think about the media type, the material, size variants, and whether or not you need it to be adhesive.

Barcode Labels

We offer you a wide variety of labels and tags to support different printing technologies and your different application needs. Both paper and synthetic barcode labels are available, for use with both direct thermal and thermal transfer printers. Our application experts can help you choose the most appropriate in-stock printer supplies. They can also work with you to develop custom or pre-printed labels to meet your precise needs.

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Thermal Ribbons

When paired with compatible labels and tags, our thermal transfer ribbons produce sharp text and barcodes on a broad range of materials, both papers and films, with excellent durability. Our media supply products – including labels, tags, and thermal transfer ribbons – are engineered to provide optimum performance when used together.

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags or transponders are small devices that utilize low-power radio waves to receive, store, and transmit data to nearby readers. RFID tags are comprised of a microchip or integrated circuit, an antenna, and a substrate or protective material layer that holds all the components together.

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