Empower Your
Mobile Workforce
Get real-time mobile apps that enable superior collaboration, streamlined operations and an extraordinary customer experience.
An App for Every Role
Mobile access to line-of-business applications was once a competitive advantage - now it's a business essential, with improvements in productivity and response times that can be measured by the minute, providing real ROI and short-term payback critical in these challenging economic times.

Using BEAM-powered devices, mobile workers have real-time and offline access to the tools and information they need to be highly productive. Phone calls, faxes and scribbled notes on clipboards are eliminated, replaced by current and accurate information available on-demand. Every task-centric app is tailored to the specific needs of the worker's role and working environment - within the warehouse or store or in the field - enabling real-time collaboration at the point of activity.
Warehouse Manager
Warehouse operators have their daily picking, counting and put-away tasks at their fingertips, eliminating the need for paper, and ensuring the right goods are loaded onto the right truck.
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Store Manager
Store managers and sales associates have the tools and information that they need, on the store floor, to provide the highest level of service to customers.
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Delivery Manager
Delivery drivers have their daily routes at their fingertips, providing needed control over transportation expenses, while ensuring accurate and timely deliveries.
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Sales Manager
Field sales reps have on-demand access to current product and account information, route books and pricing to make sales, and minimize returns.
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Service Manager
Service technicians have their daily calls, warranty status, maintenance history, and repair instructions at their fingertips, increasing first-call closure rates.
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Project Manager
Construction and installation contractors are empowered with the tools they need to effectively control the cost and completion of many interdependent activities.
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Easily connect to devices, persons, and businesses that are assigned roles in event-driven processes. From a controller connecting with a sensor to a vendor connecting with a customer.
Automatically assign role-based tasks that provide the context and instructions needed to maximize user productivity when reacting to real-time events.
Exchange information with customers, employees and partners in their preferred language, optimizing user experience and productivity.
Touch Control
A reactive interface that's optimized for every touch screen size, from tablet to smartphone to smart watch.
Voice Control
A hands-free and eyes-free information exchange through easy-to-understand voice prompts and commands that direct users to complete tasks.
Motion Control
Used in combination with augmented reality applications that supplement the physical experience with immersive and contextual virtual experiences.