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Quick Automation
Deploy self-contained starter systems in minutes to automate your operations
Out-of-the-Box Empowerment
QuickStart Kits eliminate the tedious selection and on-site integration of wireless hardware and software. Immediately out of the box you will notice the difference. Each kit is a self-contained starter system for adding automated data collection to your working environment.

With plug-and-play instructions, kits can be configured and deployed in minutes to automate your operations. QuickStart Kits offer much more than data collection…they provide quick, real-time access to information needed to make informed decisions.
Warehouse Mobility
Get your warehouse operation mobilized for maximum efficiency. Using rugged handheld computers, warehouse workers can record and verify all inventory movements and counts as they occur, providing real-time access to accurate information on item location, productivity and accountability. And the rugged mobile printer enables printing at the point-of-use, speeding time to completion and improving compliance.
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RFID Inventory Tracking
Using RFID for inventory tracking is the right option for environments that aren't suitable for "line-of-sight" barcode scanning. The kit includes a handheld RFID reader that can be Bluetooth-paired to a compatible iOS or Android device. A fixed mount RFID reader with two external antennas is also included to track inventory passing through a shipping/receiving dock or conveyor system.
Cold Storage Monitoring
Protect refrigeration systems and prepared food products around the clock with temperature and humidity sensors for cold storage environments. Comply with EPA, FDA, and FSIS regulations with accurate data recording that ensure food, drugs and other perishable items are stored properly in temperature controlled environments that preserve quality and maintain product consumer safety standards.